Animals Used in Research

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  • And Trull noted that, following the horror of many at the Nazis experimentation on humans, the Nuremberg Code specifically called for research with animals prior to human studies.
  • Also, many regulatory agencies require that animal models be used to test specific aspects of the experimental drug.
  • Use the Volume slider under Output to raise and lower the output volume.
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Why Do Medical Researchers Use Mice?

Researchers have also noted that many studies involving mice, rats and other rodents are poorly designed, leading to questionable findings. One explanation for deficiencies in studies of rodents housed in laboratory cages is that they lack access to environmental agency and thus the ongoing freedom to make decisions and experience their consequences. By housing rodents under extreme impoverished conditions, these captive animals bear diminished resemblance to humans or their wild conspecifics. The thinking, feeling animals who are used in experiments are treated like nothing more than disposable laboratory equipment. In the following viewpoint, the American Anti-Vivisection Society declares that experimentation on animals is not a valid means of testing treatments for human disease. In the opinion of the AAVS, animals are used in medical research more from tradition than from evidence of scientific value.

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Learn how animal testing and research has advanced human health.

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